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SteadyHands Riding Gloves Gen 3 - Correctional Training Tool

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Our best-selling technical riding gloves with a quick-release band proven to safely improve hand position and rein contact for riders at all levels, now even more adjustable and comfortable!

How They Work

SteadyHands gloves are the result of the application of scientific principles including proprioception (body awareness), resistance training and biomechanics.

The unique positioning of the SteadyHands band across the gloves is the key that allows riders to feel how to correctly engage the upper and lower arm muscles, as well as wrists and fingers.

You have to feel it to understand how incredibly effective it is!

The feedback and reviews of hundreds of riders and coaches all over the world is definitive - SteadyHands riding gloves really make a difference to hand position and contact.

With regular use, your improved hand position and contact feel will become the "new normal".

Safety is assured through the quick-release clip, so your hands are always free to move if needed.

SteadyHands gloves are linked by an elasticised band with a quick-release clip.

The band can be adjusted to keep your hands at a wider or shorter distance apart.

The clip releases very easily with a short sharp movement, but under constant pressure stays clipped up.

You will use the band like a resistance band, and push your hands slightly apart against it.

This will engage the correct muscles to keep your hands:

1. Upright

2. The correct distance apart

3. In a forward-feeling position

4. Steadier

You will also notice improvements to your seat.

Which muscles are activated?

The following muscles all work in conjunction to stabilise the seat and the hand position. As most riders know, it is impossible to have a good hand position if the rider's seat is defective.

Although SteadyHands gloves act directly on the hands, they engage muscle chains which also affect the seat.

This is why most riders who use SteadyHands gloves report an improvement in their seat as well as their hand position.


These muscles provide dynamic stability of the shoulders. In horse riders, when correctly engaged, they help to keep the shoulders back.

Latissimus dorsi

These muscles stabilise the spine and support good posture. They are important to keep a good, upright position without slouching.


This muscles connects the shoulders to the rider's core, and is crucial to good posture. It is a deep muscle but when engaged, it is a very important stabiliser.

Pectoral muscles

These are one of the largest muscles in the upper body and they play a key role in stabilising the shoulders and combatting slouching.

Abdominal muscles

Most riders know that engaged core muscles are the cornerstone of a stable and supple seat. Through the activation of muscles chains, core muscles are engaged when using SteadyHands gloves.


These upper arm muscles help riders to keep their arms by their side and stabilise the shoulders. They provide (along with other muscles) the ability to keep the contact forward feeling without moving the upper body forwards.


These are the large forearm muscles, which primarily flex the forearm at the elbow. Properly engaged, they stabilise and encourage a bend in the elbows. This is key to achieving a steady contact, as the elbow is often thought of as the link between the seat and the bit.

Note: The on-horse images display our previous style (Gen 2 SteadyHands)- the Gen 3 SteadyHands Gloves function the same way, but have a velcro band and a new design, as pictured in the close-up shots. New images coming soon!


One of the hardest things for riders to learn is how to achieve correct rein contact. Whether it is learning how to get your horse "on the bit" or refining the connection at the highest levels, we know that you spend a lot of time and effort to get it right.

SteadyHands Riding Gloves are a proven tool that has helped riders from all over the world understand how to achieve a softer, more elastic and more consistent contact.

How safe are SteadyHands Riding Gloves?

SteadyHands gloves are very safe, as they have a centre release clip which comes apart easily with any fast or sudden movement from the rider or the horse. You do not have to worry about your hands being constrained if your horse spooks or plays up - SafetyHands will release quickly without having to think about it.


Contact problems?

SteadyHands Gloves help with the following issues:

Fiddling with the reins

- Provides increased awareness of hand movements

- The resistance bands limits the range of hand movement

"Pram"/"piano"/downwards facing hands

- Engages arm, shoulder and back muscles to correct this common fault

- Use regularly to overcome the habit

Hands too wide 

- The band limits how wide apart the hands can be held

- Builds new muscle memory of correct distance

Hands too low

- Encourages bent elbows which leads to better hand carriage

- Usually goes hand in hand with hands too wide

Overreliance on reins

- Limits/brings awareness to use of the reins

- Invites rider to use legs and/or seat instead

Hands moving around too much

- Gives significantly greater awareness of hand movements

- Engages the correct muscles to keep hands more steady

Hands not working as a pair

- The band linking the hands together acts as a "bridge"

- Develops mind-body connection of the feeling of each hand individually and as a pair

For beginner riders:

SteadyHands will guide the hands in the right position and produce a more independent hand through encouraging better balance.

Beginner riders will form correct habits from the start, and won't have to work hard later to fix a poor hand position.

The SteadyHands safety clip will release easily if needed.

For intermediate riders:

This is the time when riders can struggle the most with getting their horse "on the bit".

SteadyHands helps enormously at this time, as it gives riders the chance to experience what a following, consistent and forward-feeling contact can feel like.

If you are in between sizes, you can choose to go up or down a size. This will simply depend on whether you prefer a looser or a tighter fit - but either size will fit.

For advanced riders:

SteadyHands can be used to make subtle changes in the engagement of forearm and upperarm muscles, as well as wrist position, in order to refine the rein contact to its optimum.

At the highest levels, every single mark matters, and those small changes can make huge improvements to performance.

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Customer Reviews

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Valentin Marcotte
Valentin Marcotte

Bonjour je n’ai pas reçu ma commande.
Pourriez-vous me dire ce qu’il en est ?

Hieke Veenstra

Hello, we stil haven’t receavt anything.
My number [****]

Hello Hieke, I have tracked your order and unfortunately can see that it was unable to be delivered to you by the postal service. I have emailed you to see whether you would prefer a refund or for us to resend them :) . Please check your emails!

Ann Wehrle

Love the gloves! They have definitely helped my riding!

jenna Ewart
Love these gloves

These are fantastic for helping to steady my hands and keep together. Love them . They also help my children to ride with stiller forward thinking hands

Brigitte RINALDI

les gants sont fantastiques, je les utilise sur tous mes élèves et cela les contraint à utiliser plus leurs jambes et poids du corps, je suis ravie

SteadyHands Riding Gloves Gen 3 - Correctional Training Tool

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